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To get Model String

For Drivers deployment , we need to find the exact Manufacturer and Model to deploy using SCCM. s We need to create WMI Query to install the Driver Package based on Make & Model.Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\cimv2")strWinDir = objShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%WinDir%")Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem")For Each objItem In colItems       … Continue reading To get Model String

User State Migration Tool (USMT) 4.0 update for Office 2010

I came across a scenario where I needed to migrate Windows XP with Office 2003 installed to Windows 7 with Office 2010 along with the user data and backup. In my setup I used Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT 2012) on Windows 2008 R2 SP1. I used the default USMT migration process, it migrated the Office … Continue reading User State Migration Tool (USMT) 4.0 update for Office 2010