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Azure Logic Apps Send embedded image in email body

We had a requirement to send email to multiple recipients, with our image branding embedded in signature.In this Logic App implementation I have used SendGrid to send email.Below are the steps at high level.Get the Image from Blob location.Encode the output to Base64Add the tag to the encoded outputARM Templatehttps://gist.github.com/zaidmohd/c42eab89c9ff586679f2c213b23a9260.js

Cracking AZ-100: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment

This is not one of the exams where you can memorize stuffs and clear the certification. Azure new role based certifications does justice by testing your real skills. You are thrown with lot of scenarios based questions.Also......Surprise! Surprise!.... this exam has labs. You are given CRUD tasks for Azure resources.So if you think just reading … Continue reading Cracking AZ-100: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment

Enterprise Logic App ARM Template Deployment through PS

We had a requirement for automating integration platform deployment for my customer. The integration layer mainly consists of Logic Apps and azure resources.The challenge was the number of environments we had. So we came up with the solution structure for different integrations as below. And then utilized our below automation script to deploy these logic … Continue reading Enterprise Logic App ARM Template Deployment through PS

Cracking AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

I wanted to refresh this year with Azure skillsets. So started with fundamentals.This exam covers some general knowledge about Microsoft Azure. It targets basic understanding of- Cloud concepts- Core Azure services- Security,- Privacy- Compliance and trust- Azure Pricing and support.The best starting point would be below Microsoft learning training. But i highly recommend to have … Continue reading Cracking AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals