SCOM 2012: Part 2 – Installing Reporting Server


Sorry folks for the delay in posting this!!!

The reason for setting up the reporting separately is to easily isolate errors if any.

Launch the SCOM setup and select “Add a feature”

Next select “Reporting server”

Here we have taken care of all the pre-requisites. If you face any error in this step kindly post it here, we will take a look in to it.

These are a few things you can check if something goes wrong,

1. Check if the SQL server is listening on the configured port. By default this is 1433. If you use another port you should specify this during the SCOM installation. You can test this with telnet. (install the telnet client on a Windows 2008 box) Use this command: telnet 1433
2. Make sure you are doing the installation for reporting on the SQL server and not on the SCOM server! This is a common mistake.
3. Test if the reporting services are installed.

In the next screen you should be prompted with your SQL server instance that you are going to use for setting up your SCOM reporting. In my case I have installed it on a named instance SCOM. Hence it will be “servername\instancename”. In case of default instances, it will come as “servername”
If this does not show up here, kindly check the pre-requisites or let us know.

Once this validates, just enter the Data Reader account.

Hit Install.

It is done !!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “SCOM 2012: Part 2 – Installing Reporting Server”

  1. THIS was the missing piece for my install. I didn't see anywhere in the MS supplied documentation that outlines that Reporting MUST be installed on the SQL server with the SSRS instance. I tried to configure it like the Service Manager configuration. Thanks so much for this post. It seems to have been the only one out there truly outlining this information.


  2. I want to ask, there is no chance to install reporting server, SQL database, and management server on a same server?


  3. When installing SCOM reporting, what privilege(s) should the install account have on the SQL reporting Server and the SCOM management instance?


  4. Hi,I wanted to install reporting server, SQL database, and management server on a same scom2012 server?Will there be any performance issue?Will there be any problem with Reporting?If you have good Hardware resource their should not be any issue?Pls suggest


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