SCCM 2007 – Part 2: Installation of SCCM 2007 SP2

Installation of SCCM 2007 Primary site server
The SCCM 2007 server can be installed as Central, Primary or Secondary site server. In Deskperts the SCCM hierarchy is designed to install a Primary site at Deskperts Bangalore. This primary site at Bangalore will act as a central site for the client machines present in all the locations.

This section details the procedure required for installation and configuration of SCCM 2007 as a Primary site server.  
Installation and setup of SCCM primary site 
Run the setup from the installation media of SCCM 2007. The installation wizard will begin as given below:-

Select to install Configuration Manager 2007 under the Install option.

On the Welcome window click Next

Select ‘Install Configuration Manager site server’ and click Next

On the license agreement page click ‘I accept these license terms’ and click Next.

Select ‘Custom settings’ and click Next to continue.

In the Site Type window you need to select ‘Primary site’ as this site is going to be the first site in SCCM hierarchy. Then click on Next to continue.

Select not to participate right now and click on Next to continue.

Provide the product key and click Next.

Provide the path for installation of Configuration Manger and click Next.

In the Site Settings window you need to provide the Site code and Site name for the Primary site. Here the Site code is KAL and site name is Mumbai Contoso House. This site server will manage the machines in Mumbai location.

In the Site Mode window select ‘Configuration Manager Mixed Mode’ and click Next.

In the Client Agent Selection window select the client agents which will be enabled with default settings after the installation of SCCM site server is complete. Click on Next after selecting appropriate options.

In the Database Server options provide the SQL server name. The SQL server will automatically create a database for SCCM with the name as SMS_KAL. Click on Next to continue.

Provide the hostname of the SCCM server for SMS Provider settings and click Next.

In the next window select ‘Install a management point and provide the FQDN of SCCM server as shown above and click Next.

In the Port Settings window select the default port 80 which will be used for communication between SCCM server and client machines. Click on Next to continue.

In the Updated Prerequisite Components window select ‘The latest updates have already been downloaded to an alternate path’ and click Next. If SCCM server is having internet connectivity then these updates can be downloaded during the setup by choosing the first option in the above window.

Provide the path for the updates which have been downloaded separately as shown above and click Next to continue.

On the summary window, click on Next to continue the setup.

The installation of SCCM 2007 Primary site will begin and this will take some time.

Once all the components are installed then click on Next to finish the setup.

Click on Finish to complete the installation of SCCM 2007. The Primary site server is now installed and it has to be configured for client management.

The next section provides the details about configuring the Primary site server for management of client machines belonging to the Primary site of SCCM.

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