Run your Favorite Azure Services Anywhere with Azure Arc

Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes lets you make your on-premises or cloud Kubernetes cluster visible to App Service, Functions, and Logic Apps in Azure. You can create an app and deploy it just like another Azure region.

Note: In this demo, I have used AKS for demonstrating the feature. In the production scenario, you would implement this for other K8s clusters.

  • Onboard the K8s cluster to Azure Arc
######Create a connected cluster

#Create a cluster
aksClusterGroupName="rg-k8s-meetup-01" # Name of resource group for the AKS cluster
aksName="arc-k8s-meetup" # Name of the AKS cluster
resourceLocation="eastus" # "eastus" or "westeurope"

az group create -g $aksClusterGroupName -l $resourceLocation
az aks create --resource-group $aksClusterGroupName --name $aksName --enable-aad --generate-ssh-keys
infra_rg=$(az aks show --resource-group $aksClusterGroupName --name $aksName --output tsv --query nodeResourceGroup)
az network public-ip create --resource-group $infra_rg --name MyPublicIP --sku STANDARD
staticIp=$(az network public-ip show --resource-group $infra_rg --name MyPublicIP --output tsv --query ipAddress)

#Get the Kubeconfig file
az aks get-credentials --resource-group $aksClusterGroupName --name $aksName --admin
kubectl get ns

#Create RG for Azure Arc resources
groupName="rg-arc-meetup-01" # Name of resource group for the connected cluster
az group create -g $groupName -l $resourceLocation	

#Connect the CLuster
clusterName="arc-k8s-cluster-meetup" # Name of the connected cluster resource
az connectedk8s connect --resource-group $groupName --name $clusterName
az connectedk8s show --resource-group $groupName --name $clusterName
Connected Cluster
  • App Service Extension
######Create a Log Analytics workspace

workspaceName="$groupName-workspace" # Name of the Log Analytics workspace

az monitor log-analytics workspace create \
    --resource-group $groupName \
    --workspace-name $workspaceName

logAnalyticsWorkspaceId=$(az monitor log-analytics workspace show \
    --resource-group $groupName \
    --workspace-name $workspaceName \
    --query customerId \
    --output tsv)

logAnalyticsWorkspaceIdEnc=$(printf %s $logAnalyticsWorkspaceId | base64 -w0)

logAnalyticsKey=$(az monitor log-analytics workspace get-shared-keys \
    --resource-group $groupName \
    --workspace-name $workspaceName \
    --query primarySharedKey \
    --output tsv)

logAnalyticsKeyEnc=$(printf %s $logAnalyticsKey | base64 -w0)

######Install the App Service extension

extensionName="appservice-ext" # Name of the App Service extension
namespace="appservice-ns" # Namespace in your cluster to install the extension and provision resources
kubeEnvironmentName="appservice-kube" # Name of the App Service Kubernetes environment resource

az k8s-extension create \
    --resource-group $groupName \
    --name $extensionName \
    --cluster-type connectedClusters \
    --cluster-name $clusterName \
    --extension-type 'Microsoft.Web.Appservice' \
    --release-train stable \
    --auto-upgrade-minor-version true \
    --scope cluster \
    --release-namespace $namespace \
    --configuration-settings "Microsoft.CustomLocation.ServiceAccount=default" \
    --configuration-settings "appsNamespace=${namespace}" \
    --configuration-settings "clusterName=${kubeEnvironmentName}" \
    --configuration-settings "loadBalancerIp=${staticIp}" \
    --configuration-settings "keda.enabled=true" \
    --configuration-settings "buildService.storageClassName=default" \
    --configuration-settings "buildService.storageAccessMode=ReadWriteOnce" \
    --configuration-settings "customConfigMap=${namespace}/kube-environment-config" \
    --configuration-settings "envoy.annotations.service.beta.kubernetes.io/azure-load-balancer-resource-group=${aksClusterGroupName}" \
    --configuration-settings "logProcessor.appLogs.destination=log-analytics" \
    --configuration-protected-settings "logProcessor.appLogs.logAnalyticsConfig.customerId=${logAnalyticsWorkspaceIdEnc}" \
    --configuration-protected-settings "logProcessor.appLogs.logAnalyticsConfig.sharedKey=${logAnalyticsKeyEnc}"
extensionId=$(az k8s-extension show \
    --cluster-type connectedClusters \
    --cluster-name $clusterName \
    --resource-group $groupName \
    --name $extensionName \
    --query id \
    --output tsv)

az resource wait --ids $extensionId --custom "properties.installState!='Pending'" --api-version "2020-07-01-preview"

kubectl get pods -n $namespace
App Service Extension
  • Custom Location
######Create a custom location
customLocationName="reactor-meetup-location" # Name of the custom location
connectedClusterId=$(az connectedk8s show --resource-group $groupName --name $clusterName --query id --output tsv)

#Create the custom location
az customlocation create \
    --resource-group $groupName \
    --name $customLocationName \
    --host-resource-id $connectedClusterId \
    --namespace $namespace \
    --cluster-extension-ids $extensionId

az customlocation show --resource-group $groupName --name $customLocationName

customLocationId=$(az customlocation show \
    --resource-group $groupName \
    --name $customLocationName \
    --query id \
    --output tsv)
Custom Location
  • App Service Kubernetes Environment
######Create the App Service Kubernetes environment
az appservice kube create \
    --resource-group $groupName \
    --name $kubeEnvironmentName \
    --custom-location $customLocationId \
    --static-ip $staticIp

az appservice kube show --resource-group $groupName --name $kubeEnvironmentName
App Service Kubernetes Environment
  • Web App on Azure Arc
######Create a web app on Azure Arc

#Create an App Service plan
az appservice plan create -g $groupName -n $appServicePlan --custom-location $customLocationName --per-site-scaling --is-linux --sku K1

#Create an app
az webapp create --plan $appServicePlan --resource-group $groupName --name $appService --custom-location $customLocationName --runtime 'NODE|12-lts'

#Deploy Sample Code
az webapp deployment source config-zip --resource-group $groupName --name $appService --src package.zip
Web App on Azure Arc-enabled k8s cluster
  • Logic App on Azure Arc
Logic App on Azure Arc-enabled k8s cluster

Please do provide feedback or any issues you encounter.

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