On my SCCM server 2007 R3, component SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER status changed to critical.

When I checked the status messagefor component SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER it said:-“MP could not write settings to WMI. This component stopped“

 Then I checked the mpcontrol.log on the SCCM server which said:-

“SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER failed to start with 0x800705aa”

 After reviewing the logs and status message it was clear that SCCM MP (Management Point) was down. To resolve the same I followed few procedures, below is the one which worked for me. So sharing the same to help others if you across same issue.


To get out of this issue I followed the below steps:-

1.       Review the status message for component SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER and mpcontrol.log to verify the issue.

Remove Management Point

2.       Go to SCCM site server on the right hand side you right click the Management Point and Select delete. Check the mpsetup.log and mpmsi.log and verify that the MP is correctly uninstalled. It should display a message as below “De-installation was successful, but a reboot is required

3.       Rebootthe SCCM server

Add Management Point

4.       In the Configuration Manager console of the primary site server, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Site Management /  / Site Settings / Site Systems / .

5.       Right-click , and click New Roles to start the New Site Systems Role Wizard.

6.       On the General tab, we can leave the default options.

7.       On the System Role Selection page, select Management point.

        a.        If there is no default management point defined for the site, you can configure the new management point as the   default management point for the site by clicking yes on the Default Management Point Configuration dialog box.

8.       Configure the Management Point options and finish the installation

9.       Review the MPSetup.log, it should have an entry as below “SMSMP Setup Started….

10.    The Confirmation page displays whether or not the site system settings were successfully saved in the site database.

11.    Also at the end MPSetup.log should have the entry as “Installation was Successful

12.    Go back to the SCCM server console component SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER should have healthy state, also review the MPControl.log which will have the entry as “Call to HttpSendRequestSync succeeded for port 80 with status code 200, text: OK

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