First Look: Windows Server 2012

Microsoft officially releases Windows Server 2012, the first of its latest wave of new operating systems. It shares few things with the new Windows 8 client operating system, including the same Windows NT 6.2 kernel, the same Metro and Desktop split-personality graphical interface. It also shares the same sort of cloud-centric focus as the Windows 8 client OS, except rather than just connecting to cloud services, Server 2012 is intended to be the building block for them.
Windows Server 2012: Cloud Optimize your IT
  • Beyond Virtualization
  • The Power of Many Servers, the Simplicity of One
  • Every App, Any Cloud
  • Modern Workstyle, Enabled

Let’s capture a look at few of the new look and features.

Login Screen

1. Desktop

2.  To get to the Start Menu, you need to go to the left corner of the desktop and you get a start up pop. Click that and you end up to Start Menu as below.

3. To go to Applications you can right click anywhere on Start Menu and you get option of All apps as below.

4. Or else on Start Menu you can start typing the name of Application, it automatically searches the same.

5. Also you can pin an application on start menu by selecting an application Right Click and you get options as below.

6. New Task Manager

7. New Data Transfer (Cut/Copy/Paste) Window

8. Windows Explorer with Blue Microsoft Icon on Server 2012 Installed partition

9. When you insert a USB, you get a pop up on Desktop which you can select to open the drive.

10. To open the Network settings go to network icon in the tray and right click

11. To go to Settings or Search anytime, you can go to right top corner. It gives the options as below

12. New Server Manager looks

13. To add new Roles and Features, click on Add Roles and Features as below

14. New Installation Type

15. Destination Server

16. Add Roles and Features page

17. Add Servers

18. Create Server Group

19. Local Server Details 

20. File and Storage Services

Microsoft has done an excellent job on Windows Server 2012. It has managed to add new features and new tools, while still working as a drop-in replacement for earlier Windows Server releases. That’s going to make it a lot easier to get up and running with a new server OS, while giving you an ideal migration path to tomorrow’s world of private and public clouds.

2 thoughts on “First Look: Windows Server 2012”

  1. Hi Shaz,Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. To see the pics clearly you need to click on a particular picture then i becomes enlarged and you can scroll down through the rest of the pics.


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