System Center 2012: Orchestrator – Installation

This blog post will provide the information and steps required to install System Center Orchestrator 2012 into your private cloud environment and configure the private cloud.
Please refer System Requirements for the hardware and software requirements needed to install SCORCH 2012.

Deployment Overview:-

1.  In AD, create the following accounts and groups, according to your naming convention:
a.  DOMAIN\scorchsvc                      SCORCH Mgmt, Runbook, and Monitor Account
b.  DOMAIN\ScorchUsers                 SCORCH users security global group
2.  Add the domain user accounts for yourself and your team to the ScorchUsers group.
3.  Install Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 to all server role members.
4.  Add the DOMAIN\scorchsvc account to the local administrators group on the SCORCH server.
5.  Add the DOMAIN\ScorchUsers global group to the local administrators group on the SCORCH server.
6.  Install the SCORCH Server.

Install Prerequisites:-
1.  Install Windows Server 2008R2 SP1
2.  Ensure server has a minimum of 1GB of RAM.
3.  .Net 3.5SP1 is required. Setup will add this feature if not installed.
4.  IIS7 (IIS Role) is required. Setup will add this role is not installed.
5.  .Net 4.0 is required. This must be installed manually on Server 2008 R2 SP1. Download and install this prereq.
6.  Install all available Windows Updates as a best practice.
7.  Join all servers to domain.
8.  Add the “DOMAIN\scorchsvc” domain account explicitly to the Local Administrators group on the SCORCH server.
9.  Add the “DOMAIN\ScorchUsers” global group explicitly to the Local Administrators group on the SCORCH server.

Step by step Installation Guide:
Double Click on System Center 2012 Orchestrator exe file.

Click Run to extract the content

Run Setuporchestrator.exe

Click Yes on the UAC Prompt

Click Install
Supply a name, org, and license key (if you have one) and click Next.
Accept the license agreement and click Next.
Select all the features that you want to install. Select everything for this first install. 
On the Prerequisites screen, check the boxes to remediate any necessary prerequisites, and click Next when all prerequisites are installed.
Input the service account “scorchsvc” and input the password, domain, and click Test. Ensure this is a success and click Next.
Configure the database server. Test the database connection and click Next.

Specify a new database, Orchestrator. Click Next.

Browse AD and select your domain global group for ScorchUsers. Click Next.
Accept defaults for the SCORCH Web service ports of 81 and 82, Click Next.
Accept default location for install and Click Next.

Click Next for Microsoft Update.

Select the appropriate options for Customer Experience and Error reporting. Click Next.

Click Install on Summary page.

Setup will install all roles, create the Orchestrator database, and complete successfully as below.

Open the Deployment Manager, Orchestration Console, and Runbook designer as below.

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