How to add Drivers in MDT 2012

How to add drivers in MDT
Select the deployment share you wish to add the drivers to (C:\Deployment Share)

Choose “Out of Box Drivers” > Right Click and New Folder

Create the folder name and put small descriptions of drivers added and click next

When it has finished just hit Finish to confirm

To add the drivers: Click on “Import drivers” in the right pane>Select“browse” and browse to a location where the drivers have been previously extracted too
Note: Drivers have to be in the extracted form (*.inf)

After choosing the appropriate folder with drivers, click next.

Click next to confirm after the folder has been selected

MDT will now inject all the drivers onto the workbench

After importing drivers, right click on the deployment share and select“Update Deployment Share”

Leave the default and click “Next”

Select “Next”

After deployment share has been updated, click Finish

Note: If changes have not taken effect, WDS might need to be updated as well. This is a separate process. Add the Boot image on WDS again.

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