MDT: Deploy Windows 7 without DHCP

We came across a scenario at one of our esteemed clients where we needed to deploy Windows 7 on hundreds of machine without the DHCP environment. So all the clients had Static IP assigned to it. When system boots into WinPE it doesn’t get the IP. It is easy in NEW COMPUTER scenario as when the system boots up into WinPE you can assign the Static IP from Welcome screen. But in case of REFRESH scenario we don’t get the Welcome screen in MDT 2010. To achieve the above requirement i have done the customization in the Task Sequence with script as shown below.

Here we are going to capture the static network settings using script and then use the same when system boots to WinPE for deployment

1.       Below is the default Standard Client Deployment Task Sequence
2.       Select Capture Groups as shown below
3.       Go to Add -> General -> Select Run Command Line
4.       It will be added as shown below
5.       Assign the task name and give the command line as shown below
cscript “%SCRIPTROOT%\ZTINICConfig.wsf” /ForceCapture /RestoreWithinWinPE
6.       Click Apply and the Task name will be changed as given.
7.       Click OK and update the Deployment Share. Proceed with the rest of the deployment process as normal.

Hope you find it useful. Feel free to post for any doubts.

3 thoughts on “MDT: Deploy Windows 7 without DHCP”

  1. How would I get to assign a static ip to multiple computers without having to type it in during deployment? How do I automatically assign it in the TS and how should I differentiate the computers so they get the correct ip? Thanks for the help and let me know if you need more info. BTW this is for New Computer Scenario


  2. By default whenever we doing New Computer Scenario then you use DHCP / WDS to send the image for the client to start the download and install, & thus you get the DHCP IP.But I wanted to understand how you planning to send the image to client for deployment?For automatically assignment you can use advanced MDT feature that is Database and configure Computer specific settings for IP address assignment based on each MAC.


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