Registry to ADM file: Regional and Language Options

Sometimes you come across the situation where you do not find the Group Policy which you want to apply Users & computers. At Deskperts we came with the solution to Create ADM Template , ADM template help you to apply settings which are not predefined in GPO.

 To show this we took example to configure the ‘Regional and Language options’.   Let’s say your Language option is configure to use ‘English US’, and you want it to be ‘English UK’. For a single system, you will go to Control Panel-> Regional And Language Option -> English (United Kingdom).

Now you want this to deploy through group policy.  After making desire changes into ‘Regional and Language options’ you can export the appropriate registry settings  & convert it into ADMX file. For conversion of registry file into ADM template, we have choosen NUTS.EXE. It is free tool & you can download it  from http://yizhar.mvps.org/. Before proceeding, download & install this tool.

1.       go to Control Panel-> Regional And Language Option -> English (United Kingdom) -> OK
2.       Go to Run -> regedit -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International (This is the registry key where all setting will save for ‘Regional and Language Options’)
3.       Right click the International & Export Registry, give name as RegionalandLanguageOpotions.reg

4.       Go to Program files-> NUTS -> RegtoAdm

5.       Go File-> Import Reg File & import RegionalandLanguageOpotions.reg
6.       Go to file-> Save ADM Template as RegionalandLanguageOpotions.adm

Go to GPMC console & edit desire policy where you want to import the ADM template

8.       Once you import ADM file, you can view & change below setting.

9.       Change English (United Stated ) to English (UK)

Now this policy is ready to apply to OU.

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