Copy secrets between Key Vaults

I had a requirement to setup POC environment for application migration to the cloud. When I looked at the number of secrets in the source POC KV setup I knew I cannot do this manually. So just used a couple of PowerShell commands to move the secrets between the Key Vault. Pre-requisites: Azure PowerShell module … Continue reading Copy secrets between Key Vaults

Troubleshoot MySQL connectivity from AKS pods

We were stuck in an issue to bring up a Java application dependent on MySQL DB. The application was running on AKS Pod and trying to connect to Azure Database for MySQL. This was a tricky set up as everything was within the virtual Network and public access denied.  The team thought its connectivity issue, but … Continue reading Troubleshoot MySQL connectivity from AKS pods

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) – Prep

Practice. Practice. Practice. I have tried to keep the info limited to what worked for me, as we already have enough guidance on the internet for CKA. I think the key is Practice because based on my experience the exam is challenging but I didn't find the exam really difficult. In fact, I attempted the … Continue reading Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) – Prep